About Brilliant Botany

Brilliant Botany began as a blog in November of 2011. It focused on photographs, plant facts, and plant ID. It has since expanded to include a website, social media presence and, as of 2013, a YouTube series. Brilliant Botany is intended as a resource for anyone interested in plants, and a means for building community. Brilliant Botany's content has been used by teachers, professors, and the general public to build knowledge about the amazing natural world that surrounds us.

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About the Author

Claire is the creator behind Brilliant Botany. She is a botanist and educator, with a passion for STEM education. She is particularly enthusiastic about reaching under-represented groups and minorities. You can view her playlist of Women in Botany videos here

Claire is also interested in curriculum frameworks alignment and the potential for enriching classroom experiences with extracurricular and hands-on science content. She is available as a freelance educator for work on programs, events or websites. You can reach her at claire@brilliantbotany.com.

Claire is an avid knitter and reader, and she spends her weekends exploring the landscape with her dog.

Claire at humboldt redwoods state park, in the founder's grove

Claire at humboldt redwoods state park, in the founder's grove